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Top 5 Food Songs (You've Never Heard)

Okay, the Internet is full of Food Song Lists like these but they usually put up the same tunes over and over again. Eat it by Weird Al is always on them. The food song from Little Mermaid is usually there. And of course, Milkshake by Kelis. The thing is, you’ve probably heard most of them a million times already. 

So how about some obscure little morsels of gastronomy-themed music? 

Here’s a Top 5 List of the best food songs you haven’t heard. And if you have heard them already, then we should definitely hang out and trade mixtapes. Are you ready?

5. Soul Food – Gary U.S. Bonds 

In this song, Bonds sings about taking his girlfriend out to a fancy restaurant and being disappointed by the food. What would he rather eat? Soul food, obviously! Stuff like collard greens and ham hocks. You can’t help getting drawn into his upbeat rock’n’roll howl without craving a plate of grits for yourself.

4. Roast Fish and Cornbread – Lee Perry 

Lee Perry is one of a kind. Part madman and part genius, he’s a famous reggae producer who’s worked with the likes of Bob Marley and the Clash. This song just has the feel of a smokey BBQ on a hot summer day – it’s like you can almost smell the deliciousness on the grill through Perry’s laid-back echoing soundwaves.

3. Be Healthy – Dead Prez 

Dead Prez are like hip hop dieticians. In this one, they rap about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious things like lentil soup because it's "mental fruit". It’s actually pretty refreshing to hear such conscientious rhymes about caring what you eat. Parents: just ignore the marijuana references in it, okay?

2. Eggs and Sausage – Tom Waits 

If you ever want to know what it feels like to sit alone in a greasy diner, in the middle of the night, after you’ve just been dumped, just listen to this song.  You can just feel the heartache - but when the chorus comes in, and the waitress lists what’s on the menu, you’ll feel a little grumble in your belly too.

1. Junk Food Junkie

X-Ray Spex were a punk rock band from London in the late 1970s. If you haven't heard of them, trust me, they're awesome. They played anti-consumerist anthems featuring a saxophone and a screeching singer with braces named Polystyrene. In my opinion, a lesson on nutrition never sounded cooler.

So that's the top 5...mine at least. What is your favourite song about food? Tell us in the comments!