“I’ll break your heart. Literally.” 

– Chippy, Foodagram puppet

Foodagram is web application that allows users to record and share puppet video messages. It’s our way of reaching out to students aged 13-17 with a fun and interactive activity.

“My Food My Way’s philosophy of engage first, educate second is different from other nutritional campaigns.”

- John Weatherup, President, Toronto Education Workers

The app works like this: you choose a food puppet, record your voice through your computer’s microphone, and then presto: the puppet says whatever you want in a video clip. You can send the messages to your friends and family through email or you can share on Facebook.

The cast of puppet characters includes a slice of pizza named Papa Roni, a milkshake named Molly Moo, a hamburger named Pattie, french fries named Chippy, and an ice cream tub named…you guessed it, Tubbs!

By using fun and innovative technology, we are building a relationship with students, so that the discussion about healthy nutrition can begin. Try Foodagram for yourself. Go to