The Recipe Lab Innovation Project


“I bought a slushie there. I swear it tasted like medicine”

– Austin, Agincourt Collegiate Institute

“Too gross to describe.”

  – Sara, Central Etobicoke High School



In 2011, Ontario introduced its PPM 150: School Food and Beverage policy, which made healthy food items the standard in school cafeterias. Students responded by going somewhere else to eat.

We get it. Of course kids want to eat what’s good for them. But they also want stuff that looks and tastes great. And in some cafeterias, that's just not on the menu. 

“The cafeteria food is horrible and expensive.”

- Houman, Newtonbrook Secondary School

That’s why My Food My Way is getting together with the Food Innovation and Research Studio at George Brown College to launch the Recipe Lab Innovation Project in teaching kitchen schools across the GTA.

The goal is to work with each school’s culinary program and student body so they can create a new cafeteria menu together - one that not only meets nutritional standards but one that can also make kids drool like Homer Simpson.


In August 2013, we took a crew of students to George Brown College to get their opinion on some of the new recipes that the Food Innovation and Research Studio came up with. It was a great experience, with some really great food! The highlight? No question, the "Butter-less Butter Chicken"!

" 5-star restaurant quality."

- Mark


In April 2014, we hosted tasting sessions to get the community's feedback on some of the new recipes for TDSB cafeterias. Again, all of the dishes were developed by the talented students at George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio, who were tasked with creating mouth-watering menu items that not only taste good but also follow the strict food guidelines set by the province. How'd they do it? Magic, probably. 

Parents, students, and community members were all welcome to attend the sessions held at Sir Robert L. Borden Business and Technical Institute, Northview Heights Collegiate Institute, L’Amoreaux Collegiate Institute, and Lakeshore Collegiate Institute.