Urban Farming Innovation Project


With less and less available farmland in Ontario, our food has a long way to go before it reaches our plate. That's bad news. For us and the planet.

So, two Humber College students came up with a solution to growing produce in the city. Their idea? Build vertical farms in under-utilized urban spaces.  Their company? Skyline Farms.

They use Tower Gardens to grow hyper-local, GMO-Free produce using a method that requires no soil and operating on minimal space. Because of their vertical design and unique aeroponic technology, Tower Gardens use less than 10% of the water and land required by traditional, soil based agriculture.

Basically, it's a great use of space and it reduces our carbon footprint too.

My Food My Way will be working with Humber College and Skyline Farms to begin introducing these urban farms into high schools across the GTA.

How cool would it be if a school grew its own produce and served it in the caf? Now imagine if that school provided the fruits and veg for the rest of the neighbourhood too. Awesome.

This is how the first phase of the Urban Farming Innovation Project is shaping up at Thistletown Collegiate.